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This site is created and maintained by members of the Embring family for all our relatives and others who find their way here!

The roots of the Embring family has so far be traced back to Embricke, a farm north of Hycklinge in the province of Sweden called Östergötland. Hycklinge is located by the southern tip of the lake Åsunden. The farm Embricke is located by the lake Övre Emmaren (Upper Emmaren) north of Hycklinge.

During the second half of the 17th century three brothers who grew up on the farm Embricke decided to change their surnames from Andersson (i.e. Son of Anders) to Embring. These brothers were Esbjörn, Carl and Georg (or Georgius). In those days it was common in Sweden that clergymen wrote their names in Latin (like Georgius for Georg and Andreae for Andersson) and also added a new family name (like Embring). It is possible that it was the clergyman Georg that inspired two of his brothers to change their surnames as well. From what we have found the three brothers were half-brothers. The mother of Esbjörn was Magdalena Göransdotter but she passed away and their father Anders Esbjörnsson married Lisbetta Persdotter.

Esbjörn was as far as we know today the forefather of all descendants with the family name Embring that are around today. The youngest of the descendants belong to the eleventh generation after Esbjörn.

To access the PhpGedView-database – Släkten Embring – (i.e. The Embring Family Tree) click here.



Sören Embring is responsible for this web site as well as the on-going research project and thus the person you primarily should contact in any matters regarding the Embring Family tree, the PhpGedView-database – Släkten Embring – or this web site.

The best way to contact Sören is to send an e-mail to soren(commercial at sign)embring.se.

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